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ChadMade Limited time for free shipping Black Velvet Curtain with Drapabl Thick 5 ☆ popular Blackout Lining

ChadMade Black Velvet Curtain with Lining Blackout Thick Drapabl


ChadMade Black Velvet Curtain with Lining Blackout Thick Drapabl

Product Description

ChadMade BIRKIN Collection

1. Material: 100% polyester velvet.

2. Fabric Weight: main fabric 300GSM, backing liner 140gsm.

3. Avaliable Colors: 108 Colors.

4. Fit for:rod or track in living room, bedroom, patio door, club.

5. Feature: Add liner on the back; Pleat design at the top.

ChadMade BIRKIN Collection

ChadMade Velvet Pleated Blackout Curtain

Custom made information required

Custom made information required:

1. Material

2. Header: Nickel Grommet/ Antique Bronze Grommet/ Tab Top/ Rod Pocket/ Goblet/ Pinch Pleated/ Back Tab/ Flat Hooks.

3. Single Panel Width__inch and Length: __inch. Measure your rod or track, and decide curtain width. Normally curtain width need to be 1.1X - 2X wider than rod or track width for fullness.

4. Color.

5. Lining Type: Unlined; Privacy Lining (cotton blend in white, 90 gsm); Room darkening lining (140 gsm weight, grayish white); Blackout Lining (220gsm weight, gray white); Thermal blackout lining ( 100% blackout, 250 gsm microfiber with white foam coated, white).

6. Curtain Tieback: No or Yes (standard size 3 by 18 inches).

7. Quantity

pleat tape curtain

Hanging Style Classification

The width is the size pleats already set. We suggest 1.1-1.25 times fullness for overlap.

Hooks will be shipped together with curtain, round ring need to be purchased separately.

pleat tape curtain

Pleat Tape

nickel grommet

Nickel Grommet

back tab

Back Tab

pinch pleat

Pinch Pleat

custom made order Ceiling Track Round rings
Customization Ceiling Track Round Rings

ChadMade Black Velvet Curtain with Lining Blackout Thick Drapabl


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