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Baby Girls SEAL 40% OFF Cheap Sale limited product Sandals Summer Shoes Toddler Walker First Outdoor Gir

Baby Girls Sandals Summer Shoes Outdoor First Walker Toddler Gir


Baby Girls Sandals Summer Shoes Outdoor First Walker Toddler Gir

Product Description

Baby Girls Sandals Rubber Sole Outdoor First Walker Toddler Girls Boys Summer Shoes

  • High Quality PU Leather Upper,Breathable Cotton Ling,Anti-skid bottom.
  • Soft, Breathable and Comfortable Lining ,Lightweight and flexible to support natural foot movement
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF, Easy to Slip on and off. A Hook and Loop Closure Makes Our Prewalker Easy to Put on,Take off, and Stay on Your Baby’s Feet
  • Gorgeous Flower Design Work for any Occasions like Partys ,Playing or just Walking around.Best Shower Birthday Gift for Toddlers.
baby girls sandals

Tag Size:

Note:Please choose the size by Sole Length, the age is just for reference.

Size---------Sole Length---------Sole Width ---------Recommended Age 11---------11cm/4.33" ---------5.1cm/2.00" ---------0-6 months 12---------12cm/4.72" ---------5.5cm/2.16"---------6-12 months 13---------13cm/5.11" ---------5.8cm/2.28"---------12-18 months

baby girl summer shoes

Baby Girls Sandals Summer Shoes Outdoor First Walker Toddler Gir

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Dig into our studies on personality types and their impact on our lives – geographical distribution, social attitudes, relationships, and much more.

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